Our site helps find free legal help for eligible low-income New Mexicans.

Para ayuda legal en español, favor de llamarnos directamente a New Mexico Legal Aid (Ayuda Legal de Nuevo Mexico) al: 1-866-416-1922 (número gratuito), o también puede llamar a Law Access New Mexico (Accesso a la Ley de Nuevo Mexico) al: 1-877-514-9616 (número gratuito), para asesoramiento o otros servicios legales.

What does this system do?

The New Mexico On-line Legal Aid Intake and Referral System is a one-stop online tool. It will:

  • Identify your legal problems so we can help.
  • Guide you quickly to free legal services and information.
  • Determine when you are eligible for free legal assistance.
  • Direct any user to helpful legal guides and resources.

Is my information safe?

Any information sent to this site is secure.

  • However, if you are using a public computer or any computer that does not belong to you, be sure to completely close out of the internet browser when you are finished.
  • This prevents someone else who uses the same computer to see your personal information.
  • Examples of computers you should be careful to clear: a friend’s computer or a computer in a workplace, school or public library.

What help do you provide?

Please note that this system provides only a limited initial assessment of your problem.

  • Our assessment is based on the information you provide.
  • It is very possible that additional information or evidence may exist which could affect your legal rights.
  • For these reasons, please be aware that this site can provide only information and referral services.
  • The site does not provide legal advice and is not designed to replace consultation with an attorney when or if that may become necessary.

IMPORTANT: If you believe you are in immediate danger from domestic violence, please call 911 or your local police or  sheriff’s department.  You can come back and start a new session later, when you are safe. 

Does everyone get a lawyer?

  • Use of this service does not guarantee that New Mexico Legal Aid, Law Access New Mexico or any other legal services agency will be able to accept your case or help you directly.
  • Use of this service does not establish an attorney-client relationship with any attorney working for a New Mexico legal services program.
  • Many free legal services are available only to low income individuals. Our system helps determine if you qualify. Income information you submit is of course kept confidential.
  • Even if you aren’t eligible for free legal assistance, our system points you towards helpful guides, phone numbers and other information.

Usage Tips

  • This interview should take anywhere from two to twenty minutes to complete, depending on your answers and on the complexity of your case.
  • As you proceed through the application, helpful messages may  appear from time-to-time at the top of your  screen -- please be sure to read those messages before proceeding further.
  • On the screens that follow, text that is underlined provides a URL or link to a helpful web page.  However, text that is underlined and also displayed with a light green background displays a popup box with additional information.  Just click on the green underlined text area and you will see the popup box with additional information.  Here is an example.

We Need Your Feedback

  • When you complete or leave this interview, you will be asked to fill out a short survey to tell us what you think of this online service.  It will help us serve you and others better in the future if you will take a few moments to give us your thoughts after you complete or leave this interview.  Thank you in advance for your help.